About us

At Strata, we take a dynamic and hands-on approach to investing, led by our team of experienced professionals

Our investment, as stipulated in the New Investing Policy, strategy has shifted away from direct project investments and is now focused primarily on equity investments in companies operating within the mining sector. We achieve our investment objectives through a combination of Core and Complementary Investments, with a preference for base and precious metals in our commodity investments.

As part of our legacy investment model, we currently maintain active investments in three companies: Cobre Ltd, Southern Gold Ltd, and Armada Metals Ltd. Our goal at Strata is to transition gradually over time from our existing portfolio of active and passive investments and legacy positions in royalty interests into a more diversified, balanced, and liquid investment portfolio.


Our mission

At Strata, our goal is to provide shareholders with long term, sustainable asset growth. We do this by investing in mineral exploration, development and mining opportunities that are either undervalued or highly prospective.

Investment process

At Strata, we actively evaluate and manage our investments to ensure they create long-term asset growth for our shareholders. We do this throughout the mineral exploration and development cycle.

As Strata implements its new investment policy, the company will prioritize opportunities that align with the Core Investment Opportunities checklist. This approach will allow Strata to generate value from potential investments while managing risk and return in the portfolio. The Group aims to maintain flexibility in its investments.


Core Investment Opportunities Checklist

Our Group’s investment strategy, stipulated by our New Investing Policy,  is focused predominantly on equity investments in companies involved in the mining sector. 

We achieve our investment objectives through a combination of Core Investments and Complementary Investments. 

Core Investment Opportunities
  • Significant discovery potential – pre or post discovery
  • Country/ district/ first mover advantage
  • Commodity price dislocations
  • Potential for economic resource growth
  • Financial restructuring opportunity
  • M&A opportunity
  • Macro/micro economic trading opportunity
  • Liquidity
  • Operational improvements
  • Cost dislocations

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